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July 18th - Aug 1st

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Read what the guys had to say about The Israel Project 09

Jono — New Zealand


My experience of the Israel Project was one of that has opened my eyes to God’s plans and the love that He has for His people Israel.

Wow! I can’t express in words how this trip blessed and inspired me to go back to change it for God. Israel is God’s Nation.

Bryony — UK


Thank you.
This whole trip has given me so many insights and a much deeper connection to God’s heart for Israel. I feel very passionate about interceding for Israel. I know I will never read the Bible the same again. The breadth of the activities/experiences has been wonderful.

Samira — Mexico


Estoy tan agradecida con Dios por darme esta oportunidad de venir, estoy aqui porque El tiene un plan y un proposito para mi vida. Gracias al pastor Roger y a Andy por todo.

I am so grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to come, I'm here because he has a plan and a purpose for my life. 
Thanks to Pastor Roger and Andy for everything.

Melanie — Switzerland


Thank you very much for saying yes to the Lord’s call to be His servants to lead and guide us on this trip. He really changed a lot in my life through it.

Lili — Mexico


The trip was a blessing for me. More than visiting tourist places, it brought the understanding what Israel has gone through. Getting to know what God thinks and has for Israel has opened my eyes. Now I know I can pray, intercede and talk about Israel.

Christiaan - New Zealand


This has been a wonderful experience bringing alive the Word of God and opening the eyes of how real the battle for Israel is in the physical and spiritual. I know I’m going home a lot richer from the time spent in Israel.

Nallely — Mexico


I found out the reason I came was that I needed to change many things in my life. I found out the reason I came was that I needed to change many things in my life.

Patricia — Argentina


I am exhausted! I am encouraged and full of hope and praise and thanksgiving! We knew it would be an incredible experience, but it was more than that. We got a real taste of this beautiful country: from hotels to sleeping under the stars, dressing up for Shabbat and sweating away in the desert, top restaurants and local bakeries, security checks and army bases, conversations with secular and religious Jews. We got so much out of this special and unique land. It will change my life in every way: spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

Andres — Mexico


God gave me a lot on this trip. But He gave me something I don’t think I would be able to get in my own country and that is a LOVE and PASSION for this nation, for this people. It was a privilege to be a part of this and I look forward to working with Operation Exodus in the future.