When should I arrive in Israel?
We highly recommend that those who come from far away (North and South America, Asia, Australia etc.) arrive in Tel Aviv at least two days earlier to get some rest before our busy schedule starts.

Where can I stay if I arrive a few days earlier?
We are negotiating with a guest house in Tel Aviv for good prices for those of you who arrive a couple of days before the beginning of the trip. Please, note that for these extra days (before the trip) you will have to pay for accommodation and food yourself. Staff of THE ISRAEL PROJECT will also be present at the same location.

If I book to arrive in Israel on July 18th, what time should my arrival be?
Arrival time in the morning, noon or early afternoon would be ideal. Once you land it will take about 30 to 60 minutes until you exit the baggage claim area. Transfer time to your first accommodation will be around one hour. We will start our official program with a dinner at 6pm on July 18th. Please allow some time to check in and rest before joining the dinner.

Where will we meet in Israel? Will anyone be waiting for me at the airport?
Staff of THE ISRAEL PROJECT will await you at Tel Aviv airport (exit area after you collected your luggage) and organize your transfer from the airport to the guesthouse.

How will we get to the airport on the last day?
In the morning of August 1st our bus will be bringing everyone to the airport where we will say our good-byes.

Which flight itinerary details will I need to communicate with you?
In order to be ready to welcome you after you exit the baggage claim area at Tel Aviv airport we will need your exact flight itinerary (flight times inbound and outbound, airline, flight number, port of origin).

For what time of day should I book my return flight?
If you want to leave Israel on August 1St we recommend booking your return ticket for an afternoon or evening flight which will give you plenty time to go through security (count on about 3 hours of security & transfer time prior to departure time).

What if I want to extend my trip to explore Israel on my own?
You are certainly welcome to add a few more days after our tour ends. Please note that you will be on your own and you will have to book your accommodation yourself. If you need help with where to stay we will be happy to send you some suggestions – please contact us in case of need.

What will the trip schedule look like?
The schedule is designed to be physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging. A usual day starts with breakfast around 7.00 or 7.30 am, leaving our accommodation around 8.00 am and returning between 6.00 – 7.00 pm for dinner. Please see detailed itinerary on the webpage.

Are we having a day off during the trip?
In order to provide an ultimate experience for everyone we won’t take a full day as a break during our trip. But don’t worry; we will make sure you will have breaks, leisure time, shopping time on your own etc.

The application form states that I will have to pay for some lunches, how much should I budget to cover that?
Since we will be touring the country a lot we will have lunches in various places. Only on some occasions you will have to purchase your own lunch. There will be a variety to choose from, we recommend Falafel or Kebab etc. rather than a sit down dinner. Budget US$ 8.00 – 10.00 for each meal including a drink. If you are happy to eat falafel or kebabs budget about US$ 60.00 – 70.00 for lunch meals.

I’m not fluent in English, can I still join?
Because the tour will be conducted entirely in English (teaching, guiding and conversation) one will need a good command of the English language.

According to the amount of applications for Spanish there will be a chance we will have a second bus for Spanish speakers.

What is the specific purpose for this trip?
THE ISRAEL PROJECT will equip you in your personal walk with God, will help strengthen your faith and make your bible come alive! You will obtain a keen understanding of God's heart for Israel and the Church and you will get insight into His plans for the End Times and what your specific role could possibly be.
We will be receiving teaching from well known bible teachers, enjoy a 24h worship session, going on prayers walks, worship in strategic places, reach out to locals with service projects, meet young messianic Jews. Besides that you will see the beauty of the land of Israel, explore many exciting, world-famous locations and will relax in some of the finest places. Adventure guaranteed! Through all that you will be blessed and return with a heart full of rich moments with the Lord, equipped and ready to serve Him in your nation!