Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – July 18th

Arrive at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, transfer to the Gilgal guest house where we start our tour with a dinner and a time of getting to know one other.
Day 2 – July 19th
Spend time with a local youth group in Ashdod: worship, visiting, making new friends. Tour the city of Sderot where we will reach out to locals with a service project. Transfer to the Negev for the night.

Day 3 – July 20th
Learn why the Negev is considered Israel’s future as we explore the wilderness together. Enjoy dinner and a time of worship around the campfire.

Day 4 – July 21st
Soak in the beauty as you hike the stunning desert valley. Go camel trekking and more. Later on we will move to camp Massada in the Judean desert for the night.

Day 5 – July 22nd
Climb Mount Massada early morning for a breath taking view of the Judean desert at dawn! Swim and relax at the Dead Sea. Finish the day with a tour Jericho where we meet locals.
Day 6 – July 23rd
Turbo-charge yourself in Haifa with a day of insightful, biblical teaching of God’s heart and mind for Israel, the Church, the Nations and the End-Times.

Day 7 – July 24th
Attend a messianic congregation, visit Elijah’s Mountain, engage in 24 hours of prophetic worship & proclamation with musicians and teams from various countries.

Day 8 – July 25th
Discover the ancient city of Caesarea, relax at the beautiful Mediterranean beach, then transfer to the Galilee area.

Day 9 – July 26th
Visit an Israeli army base at the northern border, overlook the Golan plateau on Mount Bental, and experience a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee.

Day 10 – July 27th
Watch the Bible come alive as you hike through the beautiful nature park of Nachal Yehudiya, visit at the site of the Beatitudes, Capernaum, and more.
Day 11 – July 28th
See with your own eyes where David defeated Goliath, walk through the ancient Hezekiah water tunnel of Jerusalem, stroll along the world famous Ben Yehuda Street.

Day 12 – July 29th
Prayer walk the ancient walls of Jerusalem, visit the Yad Vashem museum, meet a holocaust survivor, and enjoy a worship session with local believers.

Day 13 – July 30th
Gain insight as you listen to a Rabbi’s teaching, tour an Israeli settlement, celebrate a traditional Shabbat dinner, and experience an evening at the Wailing Wall.

Day 14 – July 31st
Live Jerusalem: Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Garden Tomb, Old City Christian quarter and more followed by a farewell meeting on Haas promenade overlooking Jerusalem.

Day 15 – August 1st
Transfer to Ben Ben Gurion airport.